Teeth examinations begin at puppy/kitten age with a bite check. Possible bite problems should be addressed already in the puppy/kitten stage of life. Puppies are also tracked with the removal of milk teeth and the apperance of permanent teeth. Sometimes milk teeth must be removed from the path of permanent teeth.

Dental care is usually checked at every vaccination visit. When your pet has tartar, it is time to be more thorough in dental care.

We do professional tartar removal with inhalator drugs and intubation. The tube prevents bacteria and tartar pieces from entering the respiratory system.

The health of the teeth in an awake animal can not be evaluated properly. When an animal is asleep during tartar removal, we also evaluate the teeths health. We use a periodontal meter which measures periodontal depth and also the chance of bone less around bad teeth. When needed we can take teeth x-rays to clearify the diagnosis. The most common findings are periodontitis and fractures and in cats resorptive lesions.

At Wasavet the owner can take home their pet’s tooth record, in which we mark the findings and procedures done.