With heart ultrasounds the veterinarian can see carefully your pets heart action and condition. If necessary, we have also possibility to check the blood pressure, to take a X-ray and HOLTER.

We recommend heart examinations for the following:

  • If your pet is known to have a heart murmur.
  • If your pet has exercise intolerance or it is inexplicably more tired than usual.
  • If heart diseases are more common in your pets breed.
  • If your veterinarian has discussed the possibility of heart diseases or they have begun in your pet.
  • For heart medication control
  • If your pet is known to have an enlarged heart.
  • If your dog has a prolonged cough, which it is not surely a respiratory disease or reason for the cough is not known.
  • If your cat or dog has breathing problems (That are not from respiratory disease) and sometimes has a bluish tongue.