Vaccinations protect against transmittable diseases, for example: canine distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis infections and rabies virus. Rabies vaccination is especially important in hunting dogs and dogs who travel.

Puppies are normally vaccinated at 12 and 16 weeks of age. The third vaccination is given at 1 year of age, at the latest 1 year from the second vaccination. After the set of vaccinations is complete a dog has 1-3 years of protection from vaccinatable diseases.

Kennel cough vaccinations (PI or KC Vaccine) protects for only a year at a time. Vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper and canine hepatitis give three years of protection after a series is complete. Rabies Virus is able to vaccinated for the first time normally at 16 weeks of age. The vaccination is renewed within a year and there after it gives 2-3 years of protection. Adult dogs are vaccinated every 1-3 years.

In addition you can vaccinate your dog with special vaccines for herpes, borreliosis and leptospirosis.

Sometimes breeders recommend parvovirus vaccines to under 12 week old puppies. If a parvovirus outbreak has been in the area, we support to vaccinate puppies already at 8-9 weeks of age.

Vaccines protect against (FPV) feline panleukopenia virus and influenza virus. Cats are recommended sometimes in Finland to be vaccinated against rabies. Kittens are recommended to be vaccinated like a puppy at 12 and 16 weeks of age. On the third time they are vaccinated at a year of age or at latest a year from the second vaccination. After the vaccination series is complete they give three years of protection. Also adult cats are recommended to be vaccinated with the same vaccination plan, in which the vaccinations will give three years of protection both vaccinatable diseases are often available in the same shot.

NOTE! We recommend all cat vaccinations preferably even if irregularly than if not at all to avoid unnecessary medications.


Kanit suositellaan rokotettaviksi kerran vuodessa 10 kuukautisesta alkaen niiden verenvuototautia vastaan. Kysymyksessä on kaliikkivirus, joka aiheuttaa huonoennusteisen verenvuototaudin. Sairastuneilla kaneilla on erilaisia oireita, niiden limakalvot saattavat muuttua keltaisiksi ja niillä on todella suuri riski jopa kuolla infektioon.

Yleensä järjestämme rokotuspäivän vähintään 20 kanille, koska rokotepullossa on 50 annosta. Rokotuspäivät olemme järjestäneet Suomen Kanihyppääjät ry:n kanssa ja ilmoittautuminen tapahtuu nettisivun kautta (ilmoittautumis nettisivua voidaan pyytää sähköpostitse).  Kanien RHD – ja RHDV2-kantaa vastaan on myös pienempi rokotepaketti.

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For dogs and cats regular deworming is important.  Puppies, kittens and young animals can receive worms from their mother which is why they receive worms more often than adults. Puppies and kittens get dewormed about a week after their first vaccination. The breeder usually gives guides to puppy or kitten deworming.

For adult dogs we recommend deworming two times a year. Indoor cats are good to deworm depending on the cats background and age. Outdoor cats can receive worms from mice, rats and birds; which is why they must be dewormed many times a year. A larger part of deworming medication can be purchased from a pharmacy without a prescription. If giving medication is difficult contact the veterinarian. Prescription deworming medication is found also for example in flavoured or in neck appliable solutions.

These instructions are generally valid in Finland. Other countries may have other special recommendations due to legislations or to special disease risks.

NOTE! Travelling pets are subject to vaccination requirements varying from country to country. Before travelling it is important to clarify travelling requirements which may include vaccinations, dewormings and special travel papers. It’s not enough that you have clarified the requirements for the country in question but it must be assured that your pet can return after travelling abroad. In Finland EVIRA oversees pet importing and exporting.