You can book an appointment online for general check ups like vacccinations and eye, ear, and skin problems. In addition you can reserve puppy/kitten advice visits, litter check ups, individual puppy/kitten general check ups, microchipping and passport writing.

You can book a time online for f.ex. these examinations:

  • general checkup
  • blood tests
  • control visits
  • eccinococcus deworming (for traveling abroad)
  • cat castration and sterilisation
  • dog castration and sterilisation (when you book for sterilisation, please contact us by phone before the appointment, so that we can discuss the upcoming surgery)


You cannot book appointments online for special individual checks or surgical times. For quick and in precarious situations we reccommend contacting us by phone. On the phone we can discuss and decide when a good time is to reserve for your pet.

ON SATURDAYS you can receive acute help, when needed also without a reservation. However, please call beforehand so we can prepare.

NOTE! Saturdays,  the price of nurse appointments, examinations and clinical exams are increased by 50%. Supplies, medication, labratory work and other expendables are the same price as weekdays.