A nurse appointment is a visit with a professionally skilled nurse from our team who may perform for example; nail trims, ear canal hair removal, or anal gland expression. For many it can be difficult to keep an animal still for small necessary maintenance or the owner may be unsure about how to achieve these care practices. We happily teach and help!

Book an animal nurse appointment! Tel: 06 312 1112 or via our online booking system.

We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. Our specialities are cardiologic examinations, endoskopic operations and endoskopic ear flush. Also an opthalmologist veterinarian visits our clinic regularly.

  • CLINICAL EXAMINATION is the first and most important examination. It means that the veterinarian examines the animals by looking at it, more specifically its mucous membranes and mouth. The veterinarian listens to the heart and palpates the stomach and throat area. The temperature is sometimes taken. It can seem like the veterinarian does nothing during the clinical examination, but it actually makes basis for further examinations.
  • FURTHER EXAMINATIONS are for example blood samples, ultrasound, x-ray or specialist services such as heart ultrasound.


    • vaccinations (includes a small clinical check up)
    • puppy/kitten check up and microchipping
    • castration and sterilisation
    • senior check ups
    • breeder services
    Our cardiologist checks for heart and vascular diseases. It is a special area which demands special tools for diagnostics. It is important to identify heart disease early to ensure a good quality of life. Our cardiologist’s special examinations include a heart ultrasound with the possibility of blood pressure measuring, EKG and X-rays. Also HOLTER examinations.


  • INTERNAL DISEASES – internal disease preventative diagnostics and care
    The basic check-up begins with gathering information, which helps with the clinical examination to create a care plan. When needed we can perform additional examinations, for example: blood tests, ultrasound diagnostics or X-rays. When the diagnosis is reached we will create a personal care plan which will care for your pets individual needs.


    We perform soft tissue surgeries, abdominal cavity surgeries, tumour removals and skin surgeries; with the option of endoscopy. We offer with our dental care: teeth cleaning, teeth extraction and dental X-rays with our state of the art dental x-ray machine.


    Pets can have skin problems due to for example allergies, ecto parasites or hormonal changes. Also special infections, wounds and skin tumours can be relatively common. Ear infections are ordinary in dogs and cats. From an infected ear we can do many tests with a microscope. An endoscopic ear flush is also an option for chronically dirty ears.


    Ophthalmology means eye diseases and their prevention, study and care. Eye problems can also be common in pets.


    Tumour diseases and care. Our pets live longer, because of this the incidence of tumours has increased. We do our diagnosis for example with a thin needle biopsy, or a test sample which we then send to pathology. Tests can be done with a locally anaesthetised area or under anaesthesia. The pathological laboratory gives clear answers from the test samples, which will describe the tumours type. The tumours type and distribution will effect the type of care plan issued. The owner has a large role in executing and commitment with the care plan. The prognosis is partially explained in connection with the diagnosis. Some tumours are treated with removal surgery but sometimes chemotherapy or radiotherapy is also needed. Also available is the choice of care with medication which can ease cancer patients being and promote improvements.


    • laboratory services (majority of our blood tests’ results are ready directly on the same visit.)
    • X-ray imaging
    • ultrasound examination

All of our research equipment is state of the art. In our X-ray examinations we aim for a hands off approach to protect our personnel and animal owners from unnecessary radiation.


    • euthanasia
    • travelling with your pet

(If we’re open: On Saturdays you can receive acute help, when needed also without a reservation. However, please call beforehand so we can prepare. Saturdays the price of nurse appointments, examinations and clinical exams are increased by 50%. Supplies, medication, laboratory work and other expendables are the same price as weekdays.)


NOTE! Irrevocable times have a 30 or 50-60 euro /hour cancelation fee. A reserved veterinary appointment must be cancelled at least 1 working day before (24 hours), during the clinic’s opening hours. Last minute cancelations are preferable by phone so the message reaches us.

Andrea Gladuli’s irrevocable heart appointments have a 150 euro cancelation fee. A cancelation must be made at least 48 hours before the appointment.

Reserve your veterinary appointment preferably in the mornings weekdays starting at 8 -9 am.


Remember this when bringing your pet in for surgery.

A deep anaesthesia is needed for some examinations and surgeries. The patient is carefully examined before any anaesthesia. Old patients and surgery patients sometimes need additional examinations before receiving sedatives or narcotics (f.ex: blood tests or heart examinations).

In all surgeries sleeping patients (and their body temperatures) are closely monitored with anaesthesia surveillance equipment.

Normally patients are able to leave the clinic on the surgery day with home care guidance.  We keep surgery patients for a few hours in intensive care in our awakening hall to make sure they wake up properly. The hall has dim lighting and quiet atmosphere with appropriate temperature. This way we can monitor that your pet awakens in peace and pain free.

What should be remembered when bringing your pet for surgery or anaesthesia requiring appointments?

Pets coming in for surgery must be clean, if necessary wash your pet carefully. Also check that the veterinarian has any restrictions on giving food before surgery.

Bring a pair of clean towels or blankets when you come to pick your pet up so the pet can be warmly wrapped on the way home, when it is ready to return home.